The Lobster Chair

The Lobster Chair The WHRL’s summer fundraising auction held over the weekend had a new feature this year. In addition to the raffle-style auction, we had a “Chair-ity” silent auction. Local artists decorated folding Adirondack chairs that were then auctioned. Paul,... Read more »

Family Night Out

Family Night Out Hannah, Paul and I took a break from the hustle and bustle of life and attend a local paint and sip event. None of us have much experience with painting anything other than a wall, but we had fun! The subject was seascapes. From left to right: Hannah, Susan, and Paul.... Read more »

Downeast Thunder Farm Fox on Wood

Downeast Thunder Farm Fox on Wood Browsing through a craft show yesterday, I spied a display with holiday decorations created from wood discs with wood burned designs. Last year, I cut discs from a downed birch tree, but never did anything with them. I found Hannah’s wood burning kit today and... Read more »

My Custom Wrought Iron Pot Rack

My Custom Wrought Iron Pot Rack Last spring, I showed Paul a picture of a wrought iron pot rack I saw on Pinterest. Granny Gadget gave me a wonderful set of pans that have a copper-type finish that easily scratches. A pot rack was the perfect solution to keep my pans off the counter and looking... Read more »

Block Print Owl

Block Print Owl I just finished taking a class on Linoleum Block/Stamp Making at the Women’s Health Resource Library.  Over the course of two nights, we learned how to carve linoleum block and rubber print-making blocks and then how to ink them and print on paper and fabric. I... Read more »

A Favorite View Revisited

A Favorite View Revisited This morning, I played hooky. Rather than plugging away at my work to-do list, I took a class on paper collage with a local artist. Tearing and gluing  paper was fun and even a bit therapeutic. My inspiration was a picture snapped of one of my favorite views.... Read more »

Heirloom Reinvented

Heirloom Reinvented I have this leather-topped writing desk built by the Maddox Table Co. of Jamestown, NY. It was my grandmother’s desk, a piece that came from the furniture store my grandparents owned when I was a child – The Jordan Store. In my mind, I can still see this... Read more »

Christmas Critter Tree

Christmas Critter Tree I was feeling a little down when my Christmas gifts to my folks weren’t delivered in Pennsylvania when they were supposed to. And of course, I couldn’t find my receipt with the tracking number. Finally, on Christmas Eve, Mom called to report that my box... Read more »

Paul’s Christmas Dove Wreath

Paul’s Christmas Dove Wreath This past weekend, while I was busy sewing felt birds for my Maine Backyard Bird Tree and my Owl Wish You a Merry Christmas Wreath, Paul was working on a project using my Christmas Dove pattern. The Christmas Dove has only one piece. Paul taped the pattern to a piece... Read more »

Mud Room Makeover

Mud Room Makeover The mudroom makeover started in September with these feedbag recycle bags hanging in the mudroom. They replaced the overflowing plastic buckets that used to take up floor space. The “honey-do” list continued with these wooden cube units that Hannah... Read more »

A Squirrel to Tea

A Squirrel to Tea I have a number of china tea cups acquired throughout the years – the where, when and why mostly forgotten. They’ve been stashed in a box in the guest room collecting dust since we moved to Maine. A few of the cups now have a higher purpose. I turned them... Read more »

My Dinky-Bird Feeder

My Dinky-Bird Feeder The other day I visited with a friend who has a series of bird feeders on the trees in the front yard. Essentially wooden boxes nailed about chest height, she always has lots of dinky birds flitting in and out. “Dinky bird” is what Paul calls just about... Read more »

A Gift For the Birds

A Gift For the Birds The past few years I’ve baked goodies for friends and neighbors at Christmas time. The fact is, I’m not an awesome baker. That truth, combined with a hectic schedule in December, Hannah and I decided to do something different this year. We created these... Read more »

Milling Our Own Lumber

Milling Our Own Lumber “Assemble the Portable Sawmill” has been on Paul’s to do list since parts for the mill were delivered seven years ago. The time and motivation were finally right for him to get this done?- we’ve got 50 Freedom Ranger meat chicks that are... Read more »

Woven Potato Basket

Woven Potato Basket Not long ago, I saw a picture of large woven baskets sitting among raised beds in a garden. They looked so neat, that I thought I’d try make one for potatoes. Truth be told, I thought of making a couple – but these are a lot of work! I cut tree branches... Read more »

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