Mergansers on the River

Mergansers on the River A lull between appointments gave me the chance to pause and enjoy watching a couple of Common Mergansers floating down the Narraguagus River. I call moments like this “drive by shootings” – serendipitous photos taken from the comfort of the car.... Read more »

No New Feeder Goes Untested

No New Feeder Goes Untested Mom (aka Granny Gadget) sent this new bird feeder to me. I finally had the chance to fill it and put it up yesterday. Since the ground is frozen I couldn’t rig a pole for it, so I opted to hang it from the trunk of a young tree. The birds love it. It look just a... Read more »

Addicted to Christmas Wreaths

Addicted to Christmas Wreaths I admit it. I’ve become a bit addicted to decorating Christmas wreaths. It started with my Whooo’s Home for Christmas wreath. Then we had some extra undercoated wreaths from our WHRL Christmas Tree Festival that I felt compelled to do something with. This... Read more »

A Patriotic Christmas

A Patriotic Christmas Our Christmas Tree Festival and Auction at the WHRL is but a memory except for the cleanup. This year’s tree was inspired by an Adirondack chair we had leftover from our “Chairity” auction this summer.  Paul said he wanted to paint it up for us and I... Read more »

An Upcycled Pallet Tree

An Upcycled Pallet Tree It’s Christmas Tree Festival time here in town. The past few years I decorated trees with my owls, birds, and woodland critters. I’d planned to follow in that theme, but just didn’t have the time and was in the mood to do something different (I did... Read more »

Morning Frost

Morning Frost A couple of degrees below freezing this morning as I ventured out for my day. I relented and dug out a jacket and gloves and then sat in the car watching the sun rise over the trees waiting for my windshield to defrost. How pretty a morning frost can... Read more »

The Lobster Chair

The Lobster Chair The WHRL’s summer fundraising auction held over the weekend had a new feature this year. In addition to the raffle-style auction, we had a “Chair-ity” silent auction. Local artists decorated folding Adirondack chairs that were then auctioned. Paul,... Read more »

Macros and Milkweed

Macros and Milkweed The Monarch caterpillars are getting quite big. This morning I gave them a new sprig of milkweed. By this evening, they’d eaten all but the stock. I had two new stems of milkweed left in a mason jar on the counter from last weekend. As I prepared them for the... Read more »

A Macro View

A Macro View Last week I splurged and spent $19 on a macro lens for my iPhone. I figured that it would be an inexpensive way to begin experimenting with close up photos of my Monarch caterpillars. I’ve played around with the lens a bit with various results. Once clipping the... Read more »

Family Night Out

Family Night Out Hannah, Paul and I took a break from the hustle and bustle of life and attend a local paint and sip event. None of us have much experience with painting anything other than a wall, but we had fun! The subject was seascapes. From left to right: Hannah, Susan, and Paul.... Read more »

Downeast Thunder Farm Fox on Wood

Downeast Thunder Farm Fox on Wood Browsing through a craft show yesterday, I spied a display with holiday decorations created from wood discs with wood burned designs. Last year, I cut discs from a downed birch tree, but never did anything with them. I found Hannah’s wood burning kit today and... Read more »

My Custom Wrought Iron Pot Rack

My Custom Wrought Iron Pot Rack Last spring, I showed Paul a picture of a wrought iron pot rack I saw on Pinterest. Granny Gadget gave me a wonderful set of pans that have a copper-type finish that easily scratches. A pot rack was the perfect solution to keep my pans off the counter and looking... Read more »

Enchanted by a Frosty Morning

Enchanted by a Frosty Morning Gidget was taking her time when I took her outside the other morning. While I dawdled with her, I began to notice the frost. Silly, I know. Yet, ten minutes later I’d snapped numerous iPhone pictures of frosty plants. It started with the clover. Then I noticed... Read more »

Block Print Owl

Block Print Owl I just finished taking a class on Linoleum Block/Stamp Making at the Women’s Health Resource Library.  Over the course of two nights, we learned how to carve linoleum block and rubber print-making blocks and then how to ink them and print on paper and fabric. I... Read more »

From the Top of Waggoner’s Gap

From the Top of Waggoner’s Gap Hannah and I are in Pennsylvania for a quick college exploration visit and Hannah’s first college interview. This afternoon, I took Hannah to Waggoner’s Gap where dad took me a few of years ago. The sun was in the wrong spot for good photos, but for a... Read more »

A Favorite View Revisited

A Favorite View Revisited This morning, I played hooky. Rather than plugging away at my work to-do list, I took a class on paper collage with a local artist. Tearing and gluing  paper was fun and even a bit therapeutic. My inspiration was a picture snapped of one of my favorite views.... Read more »

Field of Gold

Field of Gold We made a whirlwind visit to Massachusetts this weekend to visit the last of the colleges on Hannah’s list of schools. She now has one big yes and a few backup schools. It’s been fun watching her explore the possibilities and learn more about what makes... Read more »

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