Christmas Critter Tree

Christmas Critter Tree I was feeling a little down when my Christmas gifts to my folks weren’t delivered in Pennsylvania when they were supposed to. And of course, I couldn’t find my receipt with the tracking number. Finally, on Christmas Eve, Mom called to report that my box... Read more »

Paul’s Christmas Dove Wreath

Paul’s Christmas Dove Wreath This past weekend, while I was busy sewing felt birds for my Maine Backyard Bird Tree and my Owl Wish You a Merry Christmas Wreath, Paul was working on a project using my Christmas Dove pattern. The Christmas Dove has only one piece. Paul taped the pattern to a piece... Read more »

Mud Room Makeover

Mud Room Makeover The mudroom makeover started in September with these feedbag recycle bags hanging in the mudroom. They replaced the overflowing plastic buckets that used to take up floor space. The “honey-do” list continued with these wooden cube units that Hannah... Read more »

Blame it On the Moon

Blame it On the Moon Blame it on the moon. That’s what I said when I arrived to work later than planned this morning. When I saw the full moon behind the mist over frosty barrens, I had to pull over and take about five dozen pictures of the exact same view. This evening, I attended... Read more »

Those Ears!

Those Ears! Hannah and I hoped that Gidget would keep her floppy ears. However, at 14 weeks, it’s pretty obvious that isn’t going to be the case. She’s got this one ear up, one ear down thing going on – it’s as if she’s saluting. It’s... Read more »

A Cute Battle of Wills

A Cute Battle of Wills This is one of my favorite pictures of Gidget. As she was sleeping, I tip-toed over and just as I snapped the pic with my iPhone, her eyes popped open. Ten weeks old today, Gidget is staging a coop. She thinks her cuteness is a trump card allowing her to rule the... Read more »

Gidget at 8 Weeks

Gidget at 8 Weeks Although still a young puppy who sleeps a lot, Gidget has moments where her personality has begun to shine. Here’s a peak at her playful side with belly rubs. And a short video clip featuring Gidget. Enjoy,... Read more »

Meet Gidget!

Meet Gidget! Following what seems like the two longest weeks of our lives, Paul and I drove to Augusta to pick up Gidget and bring her home yesterday. As Paul says, “She’s impossibly cute.” He hadn’t met her before, but he fell instantly in love with this... Read more »

Dandelion Seeds

Dandelion Seeds I love patterns. I see them everywhere in nature – in the clouds, in the marsh grass, in the boat-shaped petals of a Lupin, in winter’s drifts of snow. And in dandelion blowballs. At first glance, it’s just another weed gone to seed. I have a lot of... Read more »

Snow Rolling In

Snow Rolling In Thursdays are spent at the Women’s Health Resource Library in Milbridge. This is the view of the Narraguagus River from the window this morning. Another round of snow moving in, eclipsing the sunrise.   Thankfully this will just bring a few inches rather than... Read more »

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