Spring on Deer Isle

Spring on Deer Isle This morning, we made a spur of the moment decision to trek to Deer Isle and watch Hannah’s first high school softball game. The guilt over abandoning the work on my desk lasted only until I was parked in my new camp chair soaking up the spring sunshine watching... Read more »

An Afternoon in Lubec

An Afternoon in Lubec Following our hike at the Pike Lands on Sunday, we spent a little time browsing Lubec. Lubec is the eastern most point in the United States. You’ll find some of the most spectacular real estate in Maine – the scenery is unparalleled. Struggling... Read more »

Hollingsworth Trail Hike

Hollingsworth Trail Hike It’s been a while since Hannah and I have gone for a hike. Either I’ve been over-subscribed with work (actually a good thing!) or the weather has been crappy. Today, we took advantage of the glorious weather and hiked the Hollingsworth Trail at Petit Manan... Read more »

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day In 1776 John Adams wrote of Independence Day: It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more. And it was. Happy 4th of... Read more »

Sandy River Beach Outing

Sandy River Beach Outing After spending yesterday morning thoroughly scrubbing the chicken coop from top-to-bottom, Hannah and I decided we deserved a bit of fun. Although the day was a little overcast, we drove out to Sandy River Beach in Jonesport. It’s a relatively short beach, but... Read more »

From The Top of Pigeon Hill

From The Top of Pigeon Hill Last night’s hard frost gave way to a beautiful, crisp autumn day. Hannah and I enjoyed the day with our annual hike up Pigeon Hill. This is Petit Manan Light from half-way up Pigeon Hill. We took a boat cruise out to Petit Manan in August. The views from the... Read more »

Schoodic Point Picnic

Schoodic Point Picnic Homecation Day 8. It was a gorgeous day so we packed a picnic and took it to the Schoodic Peninsula which is part of Acadia National Park where we were on Day 6. The entrance to Schoodic is in Winter Harbor – about 30 minutes from home. (Click on images for a... Read more »

Cadillac Mountain Drive

Cadillac Mountain Drive Day six of my homecation took us to Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park. Paul agreed to come with Hannah and I because I promised no forced marches – just a nice drive. What he didn’t anticipate was me having him pull over at every single overlook to... Read more »

Bog Brook Cove Hike

Bog Brook Cove Hike Day three of my homecation involved a mother-daughter hike to Bog Brook Cove in Cutler, Maine. The hike out to the coast took us through a variety of terrains – fir forest, oak forest, and birch forest before we finally made it to the coast. We parked ourselves... Read more »

Frenchman’s Bay Hike

Frenchman’s Bay Hike Today started my homecation. A vacation where home is your base for fun and no work. I have carefully guarded my schedule for the coming week so that Hannah and I can fit in all of the things we wanted to do over the summer, but didn’t. Because my schedule has... Read more »

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day Hannah talked us into taking the day off from home and farm projects. She wanted to spend the day at the beach. I know that Paul is not content lounging on the beach listening to the surf roll in so we negotiated a hike, picnic and short beach excursion. The skies... Read more »

The Trouble with Country Living

The Trouble with Country Living Do you know what is the trouble with country living? It’s not the pot holey gravel road on which we live. It’s not our looong pot holey gravel drive to the house that we have to plow in the winter. It’s not the wildlife that threatens our critters.... Read more »

As East as it Gets

As East as it Gets The view from South Lubec Road in Lubec, Maine. The storm clouds from last night are finally heading out. Campobello Island (Canada) is visible across the Quoddy Narrows. This spot is just shy of the eastern most point in the United... Read more »

Our Little Patch of Waterfront Property

Our Little Patch of Waterfront Property I often talk about our little patch of woods. What you might not know is that we have waterfront property on a tidal river. This little patch of waterfront property is separated from the rest of our land by the old route U.S. 1. The picture below is taken from our... Read more »

The Beauty of Bar Harbor

The Beauty of Bar Harbor After a meeting in Bar Harbor today I paused for a moment to snap a couple of pictures. This is the Margaret Todd, a four-masted windjammer heading out of the harbor for a sail. How fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful... Read more »

Saturday at the Farmer’s Market

Saturday at the Farmer’s Market Saturdays in the the summer we make a habit of visiting the Milbridge Farmers Market. There are so many things we enjoy purchasing at the market that we’ve set a $20 limit for our outings. Each week there is a drawing for a market basket – goodies from... Read more »

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! A promised trip to the beach for the Fourth of July proved the resiliency of youth. While mom sat bundled up. Thank goodness for the emegency Pooh car blanket. The 63 degree foggy weather ensured us a bit of solitude. Happy Fourth of July from Downeast... Read more »

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