Bears Among Us

Bears Among Us Yesterday I was sharing about our squirrel issue. Today it seems as if we have a bear issue. Twelve years at Downeast Thunder Farm and we’ve never had a bear “problem”. We know they’re on the property because we’ve seen signs –... Read more »

Not To Be Outwitted By A Squirrel

Not To Be Outwitted By A Squirrel We’ve had a bit of a squirrel issue this last week. One of these cute little red squirrels took up residence in the garage. This is not a good thing! He (or she) was making a nest of fiberglass insulation in the overhead. Paul discovered this when a squirrel... Read more »

When Turkeys Fly!

When Turkeys Fly! It’s been a few years since we raised turkeys and I’ve missed having them around. They’re such funny creatures and have quite entertaining personalities. We often see wild turkeys around. A few years ago we spotted a mama and her seven babies... Read more »

New Goldfinch Feeder

New Goldfinch Feeder After spying my first Goldfinch of the season, I treated myself to a new feeder and a ridiculously expensive bag of Nyjer seed. It appears the investment was worth it. I snapped this photo from the comfort of my living room sofa this... Read more »


Peeps! We once had as many as 18 egg layers at Downeast Thunder Farm. The numbers have dwindled over time and we now have just two girls in the hen house. It’s been a few years since we’ve had farm babies (other than Gidget!). I heard the local feed store had... Read more »

Owls Among Us

Owls Among Us My birthday passed quietly last month. Mom (a.k.a. Granny Gadget) honored it (as she did last year) with a cute little metal owl. Last year’s pair resides by the front door welcoming visitors. This new one I put up on the post at the end of our drive over the... Read more »

Early Morning Ruffed Grouse

Early Morning Ruffed Grouse Gidget gave me an early morning wake-up call. As I stood outside with her in my crocks and jammies, I spied what I first thought was a Mourning Dove in a tree. Too big for a Dove, I headed back inside for my camera.  ‘Twas a Ruffed Grouse dancing along the... Read more »

It’s Creepy Out There!

I’m familiar with Spring Peppers and I love their sound. However, these Wood Frogs seem to be a new addition to the pond this year. Frankly, I find them a little bit creepy when outside in the dark with the Gidge! Read more »

Spring Arrives in Maine

Spring Arrives in Maine Given the unseasonable beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with as of late, the first full day of spring was a rude beginning. A month since we had any measurable snowfall and today’s Snow Day No. 4 feels like a step backward in the march towards spring.... Read more »

Ice Out

Ice Out Ice out on the pond was last Sunday, March 13th. It seems that after two months of frozen water, the ducks had forgotten all about it. They are definitely creatures of habit. I was able to snatch up Dilly, our physically challenged duck, and drop her in. That’s... Read more »

Still Standing

Still Standing Sprinter. I didn’t coin the term, but it fits the weather we’ve had lately. Winter one minute, spring-like the next. The switch from below zero to 50 degree temps in just 24 hours was enough to spur some wild weather. Earlier in the week, we battled... Read more »

A Spectacular Sunday

A Spectacular Sunday Today was one of those unexpected, spectacular, throw open your windows kind of days. And in mid-October, it could be the last one of the season. It was the kind of day that I long for, but haven’t had the opportunity to take advantage of very often this year.... Read more »

Owl at 3 am

Owl at 3 am It was a cold night, and the house was locked up tight. Yet, the call of this owl woke me at 3 am – as loud as if I had the windows open. I lay there and listened for five minutes or so and when sleep eluded me, I opened a window and recorded the sound. Just as... Read more »

Cleaning Out the Greenhouse

Cleaning Out the Greenhouse The day was sunny and cool, a high of 60. Yet, inside the greenhouse, even with the door and a vent open, the temperature was 80 degrees. I spent the afternoon in there yanking out the spent squash and cucumber plants and cleaned up the beds. Despite the fact that we... Read more »

Out, Damned Snake!

Out, Damned Snake! All summer long this little snake has been lying in wait for me on the porch stoop. He stalks me, incognito on the edge of the cement step, for that perfect moment to startle me. This morning, our first serious jacket day of autumn, he did it again. After my initial... Read more »

Giant Sunflowers

Giant Sunflowers This is the first year that I’ve been successful at growing giant sunflowers. I’m fairly certain the chickens sabotaged my prior attempts by eating the seed. In early summer I planted a row of Burpee’s Mammoth sunflower seeds right in front of the... Read more »

The Power of Chicken Poo

The Power of Chicken Poo We abandoned use of the Girls’ chicken run this year after a portion rusted out and we found a raccoon visiting. Our plan is to rebuild a smaller run with a covered slanted roof. I can’t imaging any better visual for the power of chicken poo. I believe... Read more »

Monster Garlic

Monster Garlic I’ve grown garlic for almost as many years as I’ve lived in Maine. It’s one of those veggies that I consistently have good luck with. Last October, I planted just shy of 90 cloves in two of my hugelkulture beds where I grew cucumbers and pumpkins... Read more »

A Slow Sunday

A Slow Sunday After a crazy day yesterday organizing and overseeing small town festival events, the most adventurous thing I did today was pick wild raspberries. I discovered new batches of them in an overgrown and mucky area off the driveway. Given my haul, today’s Sunday... Read more »

Garden Beauty and Challenges

Garden Beauty and Challenges A burst of consistent 70s during the day the past few days has helped to nudge my garden along. Beauty is taking hold in the garden – at the same time I’m challenged with pests. There is beauty to be found in the ordinary. Like these tomato blossoms.... Read more »

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