Hannah’s senior year started in September. At the beginning of the year, she spoke often about first “lasts”, marking somewhat inconsequential milestones in this final year of high school. Her “last” first day of school. Her “last” first day of volleyball practice. Her “last” first game.

Yesterday was a “last” that had both of us in tears. Hannah played her last high school varsity volleyball match – her last game under the dome. Although they lost the match 3-1, she scored the winning point in the one set her team did win. It was a wonderful way for her to end her volleyball career. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a big smile on her face as her teammates cheered, congratulating her.

With each passing day, the inevitability of Hannah leaving home becomes that much more real. How I’d love to make time stand still for just a little while.

h-vb-0 h-vb-win