It seems that every third day we’ve got another round of wintery weather at our doorstep. If it weren’t for the January and February thaws between storms, we’d be buried in snow by now.


We built our home with a steel roof. If you don’t have one, well, it’s a whole new experience. The sound of the rain on the roof can be soothing – or deafening – depending on the rainfall.


In the winter, after a snowfall, it’s a bit eerie to hear the roof overhead creak and groan.


Until an avalanche of snow breaks free and crashes down.


The steel roof is incredibly strong, but the snow pack starts to move slowly, inch-by-inch, until the snow gives way. Even after nine years it gives us a startle to hear the rumble and crash.


This picture, from February 2009 shows one of the snowiest winters we’ve had. Hannah braved the elements to dig out my kitchen windows so I wouldn’t feel so claustrophobic.


I think we still had snow on the ground in May that spring. This is why I don’t have any shrubs along the foundation of the house!

The snow effect isn’t something we considered when choosing a steel roof. It sure makes life interesting!

P.S. Only 30 days ’till Spring!

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