This morning, I stood looking out the front window watching the trees sway with the coming of Hurricane Sandy. The activity at the bird feeder is frenetic – as if even the birds are preparing for the big wind to come.

Suddenly, a massive object glided down from the skies, passing in front of the kitchen windows, to land by the duck pond. I raced for my camera and snapped this picture of? a Great Blue Heron from behind the French doors.

Great Blue Heron at our duck pond

I ran in my stocking feet out to the drive to try to catch more pictures of this unexpected visitor. Clearly I’m not very good at stealth because he took off almost as quickly as he landed.

Great Blue Heron taking flight from the duck pond

He soared overhead before taking off for destination unknown. I’m sure the ducks would have allowed him to weather out the storm here.

A Great Blue Heron at our humble duck pond.