Since the introduction of our chicken coop design last week we made a trip to Home Depot. Said trip inspired us to make a few modifications (cost saving measures) to the coop plan.

1) Rather than purchasing shingles we’re going to use green steel roofing left over from our house project. Given the way snow flies off our steel roof we’re going with a shed roof style so the snow flies all one direction. This also means that Paul has fewer cuts to make with the steel roofing.

2) We perused second hand shops and junk yards for windows and finally decided to make our own, so we’re going simple and doing away with the double hung business.

3) Hannah has informed us that dark green roofing does not go with “Lilac” paint (her choice originally!), so we’ve narrowed down our paint colors.

Chicken Coop Revised

Here are the elevation drawings. This is my artwork and I’m geometrically challenged, meaning the proportions are close, but so not accurate! The fenced yard will run off the side of the first view with the hen door and ramp.

chicken coop elevations