The Surf at Schoodic Point

The Surf at Schoodic Point I had great ambition for a hike today. The thermometer was above freezing and the skies were blue. Then I stepped outside and realized the wind was whipping. Brrr. My hike plans instead turned into a lunch outing and an afternoon drive. I did leave the car to pick my... Read more »

Gidget Goes to Schoodic

Gidget Goes to Schoodic We had a family outing to Schoodic Point this afternoon. You’ll see no pictures of Hannah because she enjoyed the view from the backseat of the car with her iTunes. Gidget on the other hand, enjoyed the sun and fresh air. She had fun sitting on the rocks, people... Read more »

Hike to Schoodic Head

Hike to Schoodic Head Paul has been on a fitness kick lately. He’s eating better and is making exercise a regular part of his routine. And it shows – he weighs less now than when I first met him in 1995. A couple of weeks ago he tagged along on a back-to-school shopping trip with me... Read more »

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