The Lobster Chair

The Lobster Chair The WHRL’s summer fundraising auction held over the weekend had a new feature this year. In addition to the raffle-style auction, we had a “Chair-ity” silent auction. Local artists decorated folding Adirondack chairs that were then auctioned. Paul,... Read more »

My Custom Wrought Iron Pot Rack

My Custom Wrought Iron Pot Rack Last spring, I showed Paul a picture of a wrought iron pot rack I saw on Pinterest. Granny Gadget gave me a wonderful set of pans that have a copper-type finish that easily scratches. A pot rack was the perfect solution to keep my pans off the counter and looking... Read more »

Anniversary No. 19

Anniversary No. 19 You know that your life has become too crazy and overwhelming when it takes an email from your father’s friend, Bob, wishing you a Happy Anniversary to realize it’s your wedding anniversary. It’s a good thing Bob cc’d Paul on this message too... Read more »

Not To Be Outwitted By A Squirrel

Not To Be Outwitted By A Squirrel We’ve had a bit of a squirrel issue this last week. One of these cute little red squirrels took up residence in the garage. This is not a good thing! He (or she) was making a nest of fiberglass insulation in the overhead. Paul discovered this when a squirrel... Read more »

Paul’s Christmas Dove Wreath

Paul’s Christmas Dove Wreath This past weekend, while I was busy sewing felt birds for my Maine Backyard Bird Tree and my Owl Wish You a Merry Christmas Wreath, Paul was working on a project using my Christmas Dove pattern. The Christmas Dove has only one piece. Paul taped the pattern to a piece... Read more »

A Spectacular Sunday

A Spectacular Sunday Today was one of those unexpected, spectacular, throw open your windows kind of days. And in mid-October, it could be the last one of the season. It was the kind of day that I long for, but haven’t had the opportunity to take advantage of very often this year.... Read more »

Evening Routines

Evening Routines We all have our evening routines. This time of year for us, it goes something like this. I head to the greenhouse to visit my plants. I’m battling powdery mildew on my spaghetti squash, something is eating my Swiss chard, and my peppers are looking a bit... Read more »

Paul’s Tee Shirt Quilt

Paul’s Tee Shirt Quilt As I sit here grumbling about the early deep freeze mother nature has delivered, Paul is snuggled up toasty warm under his tee shirt quilt. The other year for Christmas, I made this quilt for him out of a collection of his old t-shirts. Shirts he never wore. Some... Read more »

First Driving Lesson

First Driving Lesson Hannah turned 15 two weeks ago and ever since has been chomping at the bit to drive. In Maine, parents have to pay to enroll kids in an approved driver’s education class before they can apply for their learner’s permit. With school and sports, I’m... Read more »

Love My Birthday Gift

Love My Birthday Gift Twelve years ago, Paul made this bird feeder for me. It traveled with us to Maine and stands in the garden outside my kitchen window. It’s one of the best gifts he’s ever given me. Today I had quite a variety of visitors at the kitchen feeder. When my... Read more »

Ode to a Pack Rat

Ode to a Pack Rat This is the view from our bedroom window. The first thing we do every morning is peak out and see if there is “happy smoke.” Happy smoke from the chimney means that all is working well, we didn’t run out of wood overnight, and the house is toasty... Read more »

The Seven Year Slump

The Seven Year Slump We’ve been living in this house we built ourselves for seven years now. Suddenly it seems that we are having a rash of appliance failures. First, there was Hannah’s television, just a couple of months out of warranty (of course). She does not have a... Read more »

A little enthusiasm, please!

A little enthusiasm, please! I was lying in bed this morning, just as the sun was showing itself. My mind was working on ideas for a duck house remodel – their current house originally built as a meat chicken run. Paul was awake so I told him about this thought for giving the ducks a little... Read more »

Digging Ditches

Digging Ditches Today’s project on the “farm” was digging ditches. Not my idea of fun, but I think Paul enjoyed himself. Boys and their toys. I am forever running three garden hoses strung together down to the raised bed gardens near the chicken coop –... Read more »

Paul has been busy…

Paul has been busy… Thursday was a dry day. We haven’t had many of those lately and Paul said that he was going to work on the chicken coop doors. I inquired about how he was going to do this. He said that he was going to use the siding the he’d cut out for the door opening... Read more »


Lobster Our neighbor, Art, ¬†brought lobsters over last night. We attempted to cook them up in a pot that simply would NOT allow the water to boil. After an hour of watching the proverbial pot, we got a new pot and were dining on these tasty sea bugs within the half hour.... Read more »

Paul’s Creature Comforts

Paul’s Creature Comforts Paul putts around our property in an old New Holland tractor. This tractor predates amenities like cup holders and sun shades. For years Paul has threatened to get a cup holder for the tractor so he can have a big slurp close at hand when he’s doing hot dusty... Read more »

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