Our First Day of Sap Flow

Our First Day of Sap Flow This is our third season experimenting with producing our own Maple syrup. The weather has been so cold that we haven’t thought too much about the sap season. When the weather man predicted temps in the 40s, we knew it was time to get things rolling. On Monday... Read more »

2013 Maple Syrup Packaging

2013 Maple Syrup Packaging The bottles we ordered for our Maple syrup arrived this week. I spent hours browsing bottle suppliers looking for something different. We selected a few different bottles to play with. These are the ones I like most. I’m partial to the simple cylindrical shape... Read more »

Maple Sugaring at Downeast Thunder Farm

Maple Sugaring at Downeast Thunder Farm This is our second year producing Maple syrup for our family at Downeast Thunder Farm. We tapped 12 Maple trees in early March. Forty-three gallons of sap later, we’re boiling. With only one reference year, this is a good year compared to last year’s 25... Read more »

A Welcome Sunny Sunday

A Welcome Sunny Sunday After almost a month of snowy weekends (or the threat of snow), I welcomed the opportunity to spend some time outdoors. Even it came in the form of physical labor. We have been systematically clearing out dead trees from the woods surrounding the house – like... Read more »

Let the Sap Flow!

Let the Sap Flow! The days are getting warmer and the snow has that mushy spring texture to it. It’s time to tap the Maple trees! Chances are we could have started in February, but things have been a bit busy lately. Last year was our first experience making Maple syrup. The... Read more »

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