Island in the Mist

Island in the Mist This little island in the mist caught my eye during today’s travels – 0ne of hundreds dotting the Maine coast. And the fading color of the marsh grasses almost more intense in browns and reds than lush summer green. From the same vantage point perched this... Read more »

On the Marsh Today

On the Marsh Today A lull between meetings today had me sitting on the edge of a marsh listening, watching and snapping pictures. Two herons scurried away as I settle in to watch. I feel as if it’s a gift each time I see a heron. They’re so ungainly, yet majestic at the same... Read more »

Herons on the Marsh

Herons on the Marsh Not the best of photos (I need a bigger lens!), but I was thrilled to see one of these herons come in wings spread wide for a sweeping landing in the marsh. I’ve never spotted more than one heron at a time. Perhaps they’re a mating pair? On my return trip,... Read more »

Heron on the Harrington

Heron on the Harrington On the drive home from Hannah’s summer basketball league, much to her dismay, I pulled over when I spotted this great blue heron in the Harrington River. The ear buds went in and she settled in for what she expected would be a long wait and grumbled, “You... Read more »

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