Sunny Sunday Snapshots

Sunny Sunday Snapshots Yesterday was a beautiful, mild day. I was quite lazy, spending much of the day on the sofa reading – something I rarely do. My vantage point from the sofa gives me a bird’s eye view of three feeders. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many... Read more »

Bird Tree Revisited

Bird Tree Revisited My post-Christmas recycled bird tree crashed and burned in the first snow storm after I set it up. I rescued all of the orange cup feeders and sunflower heads and simply hung them on the birch tree in the background here. In the dark of night, all of the ornaments... Read more »

Black Capped Chickadee Show

Black Capped Chickadee Show It took a little time, but my new bird feeder that delivered so much amusement with the squirrels last month, is finally dinky birds. The chickadees are providing me a new source of entertainment. And photo ops. Thanks,... Read more »

Feeling Hemmed In

Feeling Hemmed In I’m feeling a bit hemmed in by all of the snow. When I took a walk this morning at first light (in my jammies and Muck boots), there was still snow gently falling. The trouble is; the snow is so deep that my “beginner” snowshoes are ineffectual. So... Read more »

Sunday Morning Visitor

Sunday Morning Visitor It’s not often that I see gray squirrels. Typically it’s the little red ones who work at my bird feeders. This morning, the rain didn’t stop this guy from making an attempt at a free meal. Although he wasn’t entirely immune to the rain. He... Read more »

A Busy Finish to 2013

A Busy Finish to 2013 After having a week off and then working yesterday, I opted to play hookey today. It was extremely cold, the roads were icy, and frankly, I just wasn’t ready to get back into the swing of things just yet. On this last day of 2013 I puttered both inside and... Read more »

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