Garnet Fields

Garnet Fields When the splendor of the maples has dimmed and the oaks and aspens alone give color to the landscape, there are the barrens. Magnificent, garnet-colored blueberry fields sweeping to the horizon.... Read more »

Barred Owl on the Barrens

Barred Owl on the Barrens If you’ve been visiting me here at my Downest Thunder Farm blog for any length of time, you know I’m passionate about owls. I have yearned to capture one on camera. When I finally spotted an owl that stuck around long enough for me to snap a picture, it... Read more »

Panoramic Blueberry Barrens

Panoramic Blueberry Barrens Despite the fact that it was a hot and muggy day, I talked Hannah into helping me load and haul months worth of recycling to the bins in town. The ac in the car felt so good that we opted not to head straight home. Three hours later we’d covered a lot of... Read more »

A Favorite View

A Favorite View This is one of my favorite views heading east on US Route 1. There’s something about that road rambling through the barrens and over the hill going to who knows where. Although, if I knew where it led, I might not find the vista so appealing.... Read more »

Days Like This

Days Like This It’s days like this that reward us for surviving seven months of heating season (aka winter). We’re officially off the wood boiler for the season. It’s days like this that require me to pause along the side of the road and watch geese meander the... Read more »

Blame it On the Moon

Blame it On the Moon Blame it on the moon. That’s what I said when I arrived to work later than planned this morning. When I saw the full moon behind the mist over frosty barrens, I had to pull over and take about five dozen pictures of the exact same view. This evening, I attended... Read more »

Autumn Barrens

Autumn Barrens This is one of my favorite views in Downeast Maine – Chandler Bay from the Mason Bay Road in Jonesport. It doesn’t matter what the weather, the view of the ocean across the blueberry barrens, is always spectacular. I think the blueberry barrens are their... Read more »

Black-eyed Susans on the Barrens

Black-eyed Susans on the Barrens Driving through the Downeast Maine countryside today, I was struck by the way wild Black-Eyed Susan flowers framed this blueberry barren in yellow. Upon closer look the barren greens fade to blue with the berries plumping up ready for harvest. Soon the barrens will... Read more »

Enter Autumn

Enter Autumn On this first day of autumn, the trees are just beginning to blush, but the blueberry barrens are racing towards full-color. As much as I fought the finality of summer, there’s something captivating about the season of... Read more »

Bees in the Barrens

Bees in the Barrens The bees are back – a sure sign of spring in Downeast Maine. Bee keepers have deposited their hives all across the region to pollinate the blueberry bushes. Everywhere you look, the barrens are covered with lush carpets of green and mauve. The prelude to... Read more »

Burning Barrens

Burning Barrens The burning of blueberry barrens is a symbol of spring in Downeast Maine. Blueberry fields are periodically burned to prune the plants and keep pests in check. It’s a sight to... Read more »

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