Chez Roo is Open

Chez Roo is Open For the weekend, anyway. My Hannah (12 years-old) has turned into quite the little chef. She’s taken to watching cooking shows rather than cartoons and is particularly taken with Food Network’s Chopped and The Next Iron Chef. Come weekend time she is in full cooking... Read more »

Hannah’s Edible Poster

Hannah’s Edible Poster Hannah decided to run for student council at school. She said that all of the candidates bring some kind of treat in for the class, but she was concerned that this treat sharing constituted a bribe. I commended her on her viewpoint, but suggested that she play along... Read more »

A Dinner by Chef Hannah

A Dinner by Chef Hannah Hannah cooked us a truly wonderful dinner last night. The menu consisted of a chicken / broccoli ziti dish with garlic (of course) roasted red peppers and cream. Yummy. Dessert was a chocolate mousse made from scratch with homemade whipped cream; very rich and quite... Read more »

Hannah’s Easter Cup Cakes

Hannah’s Easter Cup Cakes Granny Gadget of the Ebelskiver fame struck again. She sent Hannah the cookbook “Crazy About Cupcakes” and a truckload of candy. Hannah made cupcakes for our Easter dessert and used the book as her inspiration for decorating. Nice job,... Read more »

Smile, It’s Mother’s Day

Smile, It’s Mother’s Day Today was Mother’s Day. Hannah’s gift to me was to cook breakfast and dinner – by herself. For breakfast she made wild blueberry pancakes for me. We’ve done this together many times. Her first solo run as a pancake chef was smooth sailing. What... Read more »

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