Kaliope – Keeshound/German Shepherd

On the eve of a new adventure with a new puppy, I’ve been reflecting on the canine beasts who have added so much to my life.

With the exception of my first year out of college, dogs have always been a part of my existence. I grew up with both purebred and critters of dubious parentage.

Kaliope was my first dog, a Keeshound/German Shepherd mix I picked out as a puppy at the local shelter. She and I were a package deal when I moved to Massachusetts and married Paul. She was a gentle girl who tended to walk me more than I walked her, shed like crazy, tolerated Paul, loved popcorn and would take your hand off for a bit of bread. A total impulse purchase, Kaliope was with me 14 years.


Melville – Miniature Dachshund

Paul, who grew up with a St. Bernard and a Collie, curiously has a fascination with little dogs. Our first dog together was Melville, a Miniature Dachshund carefully researched and purchased from a breeder. He was our baby before Hannah arrived on the scene. Melville (named for Paul’s favorite author) was the most lovable little guy, full of character, but he was also the ultimate pain in the behind. We totally failed at house training with him – and I had beige carpets at the time. A recipe for disaster when it came to my sanity. Melville was territorial and would bark at a leaf falling out of the tree into his yard. He killed every Beanie Baby and stuffed animal of Hannah’s he could find. Classic Melville – the time he backed up and pooped in Paul’s boat shoe. He was a pistol all the way around. A back injury took Melville from us when he was only 5 or 6.


Ginger – Lab/Beagle Mix

And then there was Ginger, my pound puppy rescued from a kill shelter. I fell in love with her picture and the rest was history. She was a crazy beast. Read more about Gingy here and here. Ginger was with us for 14 years.


Ginger and Melville

Ginger and Melville were not the best of friends. Ginger was all puppy and Melville really didn’t take any of her crap. He had no clue he wasn’t as big as Ginger.


New Puppy – Yorkshire Terrier / Miniature Schnauzer Mix

And that leads us to this little girl we pick up tomorrow – another impulse purchase. There’s no rhyme or reason to my dog choices. Mostly, it’s a conviction of the heart. Here’s hoping my heart doesn’t lead me into trouble!