Gidget the Schnorkie

This is one of my favorite pictures of Gidget. As she was sleeping, I tip-toed over and just as I snapped the pic with my iPhone, her eyes popped open.

Ten weeks old today, Gidget is staging a coop. She thinks her cuteness is a trump card allowing her to rule the roost. Monday was a particularly challenging day. She whined and barked and cried all afternoon, desperate for us to hold her. Our sweet, quiet puppy has morphed into a little terrorist. Paul was more than happy to pass Gidget off to me when I arrived home.

Here’s a little insight into my evening with her while attempting to cook dinner.

It later occurred to me that by picking her up every time she cried, we were reinforcing her trying behavior. Our strategy has since changed and we’re seeing a marked improvement in the battle of the wills. Thank goodness!


A very unhappy Gidget.