That Rascally Raccoon

Raccoons, as cute as they are, are not welcome visitors at Downeast Thunder Farm. They long to eat my chickens and steal my suet feeders.

A few years ago I found the suet feeder hanging from my my porch post open, the suet cake missing. I replaced the suet cake and then wired the suet feeder closed – problem solved. Or so I thought! The next morning, I discovered that rascally raccoon had struck again. This time, the entire suet feeder had been snatched. When the snow finally melted that spring, I found the feeder discarded in the woods.

May this little guy bring you no trouble!

racoon pattern

Right click here and select “Save target as” (one a PC) to save this pattern to your computer.


The treatment on the back side of the raccoon.

The treatment on the back side of the raccoon.

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3 Responses to That Rascally Raccoon

  1. kaholly says:

    Just the cutest!! They certainly are pesty little critters!

  2. Deena says:

    Darling. You have captured their inquisitive nature perfectly!

  3. margaret says:

    i have a clan of raccoons living somewhere on my property, I started feeding them last summer so they wouldn’t eat my corn in the garden, needless to say they had a little baby and I couldn’t quit feeding them this fall, still feeding, don’t know what I will do when my garden comes in this year. plan on making this for my tree next Christmas.

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