Today was a most productive Saturday. We managed to outsmart the mink these past few weeks and the last of the meat chickens are now in the freezer. More babies are hatching and I dried the first two loads of laundry on the new clothes line Paul built for me.


Paul calls this a solar-powered clothes dryer. What I don’t understand is why every time I put laundry on the line, the sun goes away; that’s just wrong. Yet, there’s something very satisfying about seeing laundry hanging out on a line.


For a little whimsy, I purchased these old glass insulators to top the clothesline poles. Today, I tried them on for size, but Paul’s going to work out a permanent installation.


A bag I made from a kitchen towel and a couple of wire hangers holds clothespins and slides along the line.


On the chicken front, Salty is exceeding all expectations in producing cute babies.


She’s hatched four adorable miniature chicks and at last check has two more working their way out of their shells.


Salty’s a very unsocial hen and will scurry off when I get too close. In this case, she’s quite serious about her brood and is sticking to her nest despite my rampant curiosity. Although, she did peck my for my efforts.