Meet Peep. She’s a one-year-old Pekin duck, born in our incubator last spring. She is broody and seems to be doing a good job at sticking to her nest. The only problem is, we don’t need any more ducks! We have eight – three of them boys. That fact alone guarantees that she’ll be successful and we’ll end up with more duckling than we know what to do with.


This is Little. At three-years-old, she’s a little ragged around the edges, but she’s a sweetie. She is our favorite chicken; and she’s decided she’s broody. The problem is, when Little leaves the nesting box to stretch her legs and have a snack, she often returns to the wrong nesting box! Her chances of hatching babies is slim to none. Paul said he’s tempted to tuck a few chicks under her and give her the chance to be a momma. We just want her to be happy!

broody chicken

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