We have another broody duck. Peep is sitting on a cluck of eggs in the duck house. Now Dilly has joined the hopeful building a nest near the pond. She’s become very serious about her efforts, sticking to her nest rain or shine.

broody duck by the light of the moon

The problem is, it’s not safe for her stay out all night tending to her clutch. Especially with a mink on the loose.

an angry broody duck

When it’s time to head in for the night she refuses to come. She gets all aggressive and hisses her displeasure at being roused. She knows she’s supposed to stick to her nest. She’s been this route before with less than stellar results. So we nudge Dilly off her nest and coax her indoors. All the while she is bitching up a storm, complaining the way only a duck can do.

a clutch of duck eggs

The next morning, when we let the ducks out for the day, she heads straight back to her nest and sets up shop. We adore Dilly, so it’s a bit sad to see her put such effort into this nest when you know she’s not going to have any luck!

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