I spent the afternoon harvesting (almost) the last of my veggies. The Bennett family could live like Kings if one could survive on carrots, garlic, and herbs alone. ‘Cause that’s what I’m most successful growing! Everything else this year has been a sad story of trial and error.

I think of my garden as The Garden That Could Have Been.

If only…

  • I’d had more time to tend it
  • I’d done a better job weeding
  • I’d done any weeding
  • I had put up better fencing around the garden beds
  • I had started earlier
  • I’d done a more consistent job at watering
  • I’d tested my soil
  • I had a greenhouse


I harvested the last of the kale – maybe enough for one more round of soup (because that’s the only way I like it).


The critters were quite happy when I took the fencing down around my kale bed.


I battened down the hatches on my last remaining raised bed.


The kohlrabi was hit with a hard frost, yet seems to have survived. Now if I can keep it limping along until I get a few bulbs large enough to harvest, that would be good!

Give me until January and I’ll be thinking about The Garden That Could Be.