The sun was shinning and my appointments for the day cancelled, so I took the afternoon off to putter at home. It was too beautiful a day to stay inside watching the clock.

As I wandered around the woods by the pond I found lots of white wildflowers. Upon closer inspection, seven different types of tiny flowers – all white. I think I’ve identified them correctly!

Bog Violet or Lance-leaved Violet

Bog Violet or Lance-leaved Violet

Wild Blueberry

Wild Blueberry (see the berry forming in the center of one?)

Bunchberry Dogwood

Bunchberry Dogwood?

Wild Blackberry Flowers

Wild Blackberry

Canada Mayflower

Canada Mayflower or Wild Lily of the Valley?

Star Flowers

Star Flowers

Unknown Wildflower (or weed)

Unknown Wildflower (more likely a Weed?)