Today was moving day for the Freedom Rangers. They’ve been with us for four weeks now and things in the brooder were getting a bit crowded. Now that they have feathers they can move outside to their new digs.

Hannah collecting the Freedom Rangers

Hannah moved the 50 chickens into the dog kennel in two batches and transported them down to their new house and run.

transporting the Freedom Rangers

One by one she popped them into their new space.

Moving the chickens into their new house

Here’s the first half of the birds getting familiar with their new digs.

checking out their new space

Paul built this new house for the Freedom Rangers. He used left over soffit material donated by a neighbor to side the building. The neat thing is that it’s got lots of ventilation. The house connects onto the fully enclosed wire run we made for meat birds last year.

Freedom Ranger House

A Freedom Ranger hen checking me out. They’re not entirely sure what to do with all this extra space.

checking things out

The nights are still a bit cool, so for the time being we’ll give the chickens a little extra warmth at night with a heat lamp. The happy little glow makes things look cozy at the end of a long day for the little chickens.

Night time at the Freedom Ranger House

Next on the to do list is to fence in a bit of the surrounding yard for the chickens to  explore during the daytime.