I looked out the kitchen window this morning and saw this trio in my garden, madly nibbling away at anything green they could find. As soon as I stepped outside with my camera they were off and running. The jig was up.

ducks on the run

They knew they were in trouble and headed straight back to the duck pen.

off and running

A quick stop for a nibble on the greenery before trying to fly back into the pen. They are not exactly aerodynamic – they barely get two feet off the ground – so off and running they went again.

ducks hustling along

One down, two to go.

off in the other direction

Two down, one to go. And Quackers led Hannah on a merry chase. Around the duck pen.

one loose duck

Over to the asparagus patch with the Colonel and the Girls looking on in curiosity.

duck in the asparagus bed

All the while staying just a few steps in front of Hannah.

hannah in pursuit of the quackers

Nabbed, at last! I suppose I could have helped, but then I would have had to put down the camera.

and she got her!

Hannah and Quackers who I’m sure was already plotting the next great escape.

Hannah and Quackers

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