There are rules to being a successful broody duck. I’m not sure Dilly understands that. She starts out the day doing a really good job. She has a drink, some breakfast, goes for a dip in the mortar box and then heads back in to sit on her nest.

Dilly the Duck on her nest

By the time afternoon comes around and Dilly ventures out for another dip in the mortar box, she forgets to return to the nest. Or maybe she’s just become bored with sitting on eggs all by herself. Or maybe she just doesn’t understand the importance of sticking to her nest.

The thing is, when she’s not sitting on her eggs, I’ll find her sitting alone at the far end of duck yard looking quite sad and lonely. I do realize that these are human emotions I’m relating to her. I just want Dilly to be happy. I just want happy ducks!

We stopped collecting her eggs because she became so irate with us. We secured a couple of potentially fertile duck eggs so she’d have a chance of a reward at the end of all this broodiness. She’s such a sweet little thing and because of her physical challenges, she’s different than the other ducks. I’d love to see her waddling around with a couple of babies.

Sadly, I fear her lack of broody work ethic could leave us all duckling-less!

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