The other week when we cooked down our sap into Maple syrup, Hannah took advantage of the wood fire and made S’mores. All day long.

The other day, we were down to the last graham crackers and marshmallows with no chocolate left in the house. (A truly sad thing, says Hannah.) I was feeling the need for something sweet and spread some Nutella on my graham cracker. Hannah’s eyes widened in wonder and proceeded to make a S’more in the microwave with Nutella.

Step aside Mr. Hershey. Ooey Goey Awesome Nutella S’mores are the new standard at the Bennett household. Here’s how it goes.

Spread Nutella on one graham cracker and place a marshmallow on the other.

start with graham crackers, Nutella and marshmallo

Place the graham cracker with marshmallow in the microwave and cook on high for 10-15 seconds. Hannah says you have to watch it through the window and pluck it out of the oven when the marshmallow expands to the appropriate size.

metl your marshmallow in the microwave

Quickly place the Nutella smothered graham cracker on top of the melty marshmallow.

melted marshmallow topped with Nutella and graham cracker


smush the marshmallo and Nutella between graham crackers

Eat and enjoy! Yummm.

A half eaten Nutella S'more

I challenge you to keep a supply of marshmallows and Nutella in stock once you try Hannah’s tasty discovery.