The weather man says there’s a Nor’easter heading our way tonight.

Snow. In October!

We’ve had flurries in October in years past, but inches of snow (I refuse to consider anything other than just inches) that need to be shoveled just isn’t done.

Not even in Downeast Maine.

Rushing against the clock, we spent the afternoon cutting and stacking the trees on the trailer that Paul already hauled down from the wood lot. Just in case (knock on wood) that we need the truck for plowing.

As Paul was working on filling up this rack of wood, I worked on stoking up the wood furnace for the first time this year. We’ve been wearing a lot of layers lately.

Cutting Wood in the Calm Before the Storm

With this rack full at the end of the afternoon we’ve cut and stacked about 6 1/3 cords of wood. A few more cords of wood to go with winter nipping at our heels.

Another wood rack filled