There are a number of old apple trees on our property. Some trees are sparse and short and the deer eat most of the apples. Others are so big that we cannot reach the apples – even with ladders. None of the trees are in easy access locations. We have to wade through grass and climb over old logs to get to the trees. Planting new apple trees is on our list of things to do for the farm.

For our trees, apple season is almost over. Many of the apples have already dropped and are a bit buggy. Hannah and I visited our closest tree and picked as many apples as we could reach using a 5′ ladder to help. Here are the results.


Little did we know that today is Maine Apple Sunday – the beginning of the Maine apple season. We discovered this while baking our apple crisp (which was overly sweet and a little too buttery – in search of a new recipe to try).