It’s been 5 days since The Girls and The Colonel moved to their chicken coop. We read that it’s good to let them spend some time in the coop before letting them out into the yard so they realize it’s their new home. The truth is we just finished the chicken run today.

Every time we opened the coop door the chickens would look longingly at the blue sky beyond. Today when they finally got their chance to fly the coop, how long do you suppose it took them?

As it turns out, that was the easy part. When darkness fell, we went outside and they were huddled together in a corner underneath the coop. It’s as if they were wary of the darkness, but didn’t know how to get back into the coop. No amount of coaxing would get them inside under their own steam for the night.

So picture this (no, there is NO video). Paul is out there waiving his hat shooing the birds out from under the coop.

I’m inside the chicken run. In my nightie and boots. Chasing chickens. Not my best moment. One-by-one I corned a chicken and tossed it back into the coop. Then they started to come back out so I had to catch them again. This time I closed the chicken door as I went about chasing the others down.

Hannah came outside to watch, laughing her behind off. Apparently Paul and I were making a bit of a ruckus and she had to investigate.

I wonder how many repeats of this little episode it will take before they know to head in when the sun sets?