Between gas prices and a truck that needs a bit of work, we took the Prius to Ellsworth for our Sunday Home Depot trip.

Do you think it’s time for a Prius pickup?

prius pickup

We did our shopping in two rounds. Round one included 24 2x3x8′ studs.

Paul said, “I don’t think anymore will fit in the car.”

I knew better so I suggested that we checkout, see how things look, and come back in for round two. Sure enough we were able to fit four bags of concrete, 29 studs, a bunch of strapping and bags of miscellaneous bits and pieces into the car. All with Hannah in the back seat.

Today I stopped by Blue Seal to purchase a 50′ roll of 6′ tall chicken wire for the new coop. The fellow loading it for me took one look at the Prius and said, “I don’t think this is gonna fit…”

I smirked at him. Do you see the pattern here? Why is it that guys have such little faith?