spinach, lettuce, and snowpeasMay 1st seemed like a good time to start my outdoors vegetable garden. I’m really not certain what “early spring” means when it comes to planting – especially for Maine. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks when we see how what I’ve started today fares.

I readied two of my raised beds for planting by working in some seafood compost and mulch. In one of the beds I planted the following seeds:

  • Burpee Bib Lettuce (3 – 46″ rows)
  • Burpee Simpson Elite Lettuce
    (4 – 46″ rows)
  • Burpee Baby’s Leaf Hybrid Spinach
    (4 – 46″ rows)
  • Burpee Snowbird Snowpeas
    (5 – 46″ rows)

I made these little garden markers from some green maple branches. I whittled away the bark on one side to form a flat writing surface. I got the idea from a magazine somewhere along the way this spring. What may be an improvement is to enlist Hannah’s wood burning kit and burn the names of the item onto the wood. Then the sun will not fade the ink. Maybe for the next round of veggie planting.

garden markers