Did you know that I have my own Paul Bunyan? I do. He doesn’t carry an ax, but a chain saw. He’s been slowly clearing trees around the property. The key word here is “slowly.” We’ve got plans for a garden and a workshop on the far side of the drive. And we need the wood for our outdoor wood furnace. At the rate Paul’s going we might have enough cleared for a workshop by the time Hannah graduates from high school (she’s 10 years old).

Well, something serendipitous happened. A local logging company moved in right across the street to clear a 30-something acre parcel of land. Paul tracked down the head honcho and inquired if they might want to clear a couple of more acres. Seeing as they’re already here.

So yesterday morning, this tree eating monster arrived.

lumber cutting monster machine

And in less than a day and a half, this tree munching monster ate up more trees than Paul could have cut in a year. This picture shows them just getting started…

Here’s the after picture.


Garden plot before…


Garden plot after…

Although the logging company is taking the trees they cut, there’s still a lot of wood left out there for us to collect. And enough kindling to last a lifetime. Maybe. Then comes the fun of gathering and burning the brush. What we really need now is a monster chipper/shredder!

My Paul prefers not to do manual labor when there’s a machine that will do the job for him. The monster tree eater trumps his power saw. He’s a very happy man tonight.

timber panorama