We finished building our house in 2006. Each year since then we’ve addressed something outside in the effort to make it look as if we don’t live in a construction zone. Although there is a benefit of a gravel yard – no mowing!

This week I decided to add to the flower garden. Paul dug a trench in front of the porch for me with his New Holland tractor, despite the fact that the tractor clutch is stuck in low gear. Hannah wanted to pitch in with the project and gathered rocks from around the property to use as a border for the flower bed. She’s SO like her daddy. No manual labor unless there’s a machine involved. I looked out the window to see her cruising circles around the house in her John Deer garden tractor (the mower deck removed) a bucket in one hand while she steered with the other. She’d fill her bucket full of rocks, take the scenic route around the house and deposit the rocks onto the porch. Again, and again, and again.

Hannah cruising on her tractor

Hauling anything gives Hannah an excuse to driver her tractor.

Hauling rocks is hard work!

Hauling rocks is hard work!

Hauling Rocks

She's clearly enjoying her job.