Snowy Morning Visitors

Snowy Morning Visitors Storm three of the week was still going strong this morning. I spent a couple of hours on the sofa with my coffee contemplating the real world. Today was Hannah’s third snow day of the week. I had to decide if it was going to by my third snow day as well. All I... Read more »

The Morning After

The Morning After We’ve had snowy winters before. It seems like every couple of years we get a doozy – snow up to the eaves. Yet, this last week has been one for the record books. Eighteen inches last Thursday and then yesterday, we got 30 inches in 30 hours. It... Read more »

Sunrise and Sea Smoke

Sunrise and Sea Smoke This was the sunrise over the Pleasant River in Columbia Falls this morning. Crossing the bridge, for just a moment, the sun shone through the sea smoke with this other-worldly glow. It was -10 degrees Fahrenheit when I snapped this at 7 am with my Canon. Here is the... Read more »

An Owl in the Snow

An Owl in the Snow The aftermath of two snow storms – almost back to back – has left us feeling as if winter has finally arrived. Just when I’m starting to count down to spring! Despite the snow and the bitter cold, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this... Read more »

Winter’s First Big Snow

Winter’s First Big Snow I knew that winter weather would catch up with us sooner or later. Today we got our first measurable snowfall of the season here along the coast. No one in my household seems too excited about this change – it was 50 degrees out just two days ago. I’m just... Read more »

Digging Out the Woods Road

Digging Out the Woods Road The unusually bitter cold of February has put a huge dent in our woodpile. With another six weeks left in the heating season, we need to take some time to add to the wood pile. The challenge is, with all this snow, how do we get to the trees? Down the woods road,... Read more »

A Little Melting Going On

A Little Melting Going On Today was fabulous and 50 – a wonderful taste of spring with some serious snow melt going on. Despite the lovely weather, I was a bit taken aback when I arrived home to this: The 3+ feet of snow that had been lingering on the mudroom roof finally let go. As I... Read more »

A Wind Swept Landscape

A Wind Swept Landscape A late afternoon drive through Roque Bluffs State Park found me eager to walk the beach. Even with temps near 30, a few moments outside the car and I abandoned that idea. The wind was so biting and cold that I quickly determined I was not properly attired for such an... Read more »

Farewell February

Farewell February It’s a wonderful thing to bid good-bye the most ferocious February in memory. February 2015 brought mayhem to my world. It was the coldest month on record. Ever. Seriously! Mother Nature delivered more than 8 feet of snow! This is the view out my kitchen windows... Read more »

Feeling Hemmed In

Feeling Hemmed In I’m feeling a bit hemmed in by all of the snow. When I took a walk this morning at first light (in my jammies and Muck boots), there was still snow gently falling. The trouble is; the snow is so deep that my “beginner” snowshoes are ineffectual. So... Read more »

Another Feeder Under Siege

Another Feeder Under Siege It started with this little guy curiously exploring the snow covered porch. Click on the images for a larger view. An then there were two and the commotion ensued. I’m not sure if this frenetic scurrying and chittering was mating ritual or a display of... Read more »

Busy Before the Storm

Busy Before the Storm This morning dawned a brisk -22 degrees outside. Despite the frigid weather, it was a work day. It seems as if everyone is busy before the storm. Paul and I have been taking turns raking snow off the roof. My arms and shoulders are aching for a hot bath. I thought it... Read more »

Bird Feeder vs. Squirrel

Bird Feeder vs. Squirrel My mom, AKA Granny Gadget, sent me a lovely new bird feeder this week. I filled it and set it out yesterday. This morning, as I was lingering over my morning coffee, I watched this little guy scurry across the porch. I knew right away his destination. It only took a... Read more »

What 1-3 Inches Looks Like

What 1-3 Inches Looks Like This is what 1-3 inches of snow looks like in Downeast Maine. It must be tough to be the weather man. What I expected to be a “dusting” or even rain turned out to be a 12 inches. It was a winter wonderland fitting for a Christmas card. A week of mild... Read more »

Snow Day

Snow Day The first snow day of the year is upon us. What better way to spend a Friday than snuggled warm inside watching the world turn white outdoors. It’s rare to see snow on the ground when the pond is not frozen. I wish the duckies could enjoy the pond all winter... Read more »

The Snow Effect

The Snow Effect It seems that every third day we’ve got another round of wintery weather at our doorstep. If it weren’t for the January and February thaws between storms, we’d be buried in snow by now. We built our home with a steel roof. If you don’t have... Read more »

Digging Out. Again.

Digging Out. Again. For the second time in four days we had to dig out. This second doozy of a storm dropped another 12 inches. The white stuff is beginning to pile up – and it’s not officially winter. This is the view out the French doors. Somewhere out there are my raised beds and a... Read more »

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