Heron on the Harrington

Heron on the Harrington On the drive home from Hannah’s summer basketball league, much to her dismay, I pulled over when I spotted this great blue heron in the Harrington River. The ear buds went in and she settled in for what she expected would be a long wait and grumbled, “You... Read more »

Oh Deer!

Oh Deer! This young doe was “bagged” on the bluffs in Eastport this morning. She didn’t seem to mind as I pulled the car to a stop and rolled down the window for a quick photo... Read more »

Devastated by a Mink

Devastated by a Mink This is round one of meat chicken harvesting. Yesterday we processed 19 cornish rock chickens for the freezer. Today’s agenda was to finish the remaining sixteen birds. The next round of 50 meat chicks just moved from the brooder into the outdoor pen last week. This... Read more »

A Little Porch Company

A Little Porch Company It seems that I have a bit of extra company when I sit on the porch these days. As I was enjoying the view of the ducks on the pond from my Adirondack chair, it became clear that I was not alone. This little bunny has taken up residence under the lilac bushes. The... Read more »

He’s Mocking Me

He’s Mocking Me My enthusiasm over the victory over the squirrel has diminished. He’s back, and I do believe he’s mocking me. Adding cayenne to my bird seed this weekend kept the squirrel out of my feeder for much of Saturday. Yet, here he is the next day, giving me the... Read more »

Victory Over The Squirrel

Victory Over The Squirrel This has become a common sight at one of my feeders. I haven’t been too bothered by the squirrel snacking. In fact, they’ve been quite entertaining at times. However, the past day or two, the little red squirrels have started eating me out of house and... Read more »


Determination This morning, I stood at the kitchen window sipping my first cup of coffee, studying the aftermath of last night’s storm. Although still blustery and snowing, the storm looked as if it was on its last legs. Then, I noticed a little stirring in the pristine snow.... Read more »

Natural Curiosity

Natural Curiosity I wonder what she was thinking of me as I stood 30 feet away snapping pictures. She seemed as curious of me as I was of her. This went on for a minute or so before she became bored with me and quietly wandered off into the... Read more »

The Sofa View

The Sofa View The turkey is roasting and the pie has been baked. I sit here at my spot on the sofa, reflecting on this Thanksgiving afternoon, my family enjoying a quiet day beside me. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m liking this sojourn together. I appreciate... Read more »

Seagull or Bald Eagle?

Seagull or Bald Eagle? I sat by the side of the road for ten minutes today snapping pictures of this Bald Eagle perched on a rock, waiting for him to do something majestic. With my poor distance vision and his inactivity I began to wonder if I was taking oodles of pictures of a big seagull.... Read more »

A Squirrelly Situation

A Squirrelly Situation I spent much of my Saturday indoors cleaning and advising Paul as he installed a new counter and sink in my laundry room. A scurrying sound across my window screens distracted me from my chores and I headed outside where I found this little squirrel. He was doing his... Read more »

Whitetail Momma and Baby

Whitetail Momma and Baby Is there anything sweeter than a fawn? Until she grows up and discovers my garden? These deer were grazing across the road. What are the chances they’ll stay in that... Read more »

Neighborhood Bear Caught on Candid Camera

Neighborhood Bear Caught on Candid Camera We live on a very quiet country road where there are only four year-round residents. Each neighbor has a story of a bear encounter. We have yet to see one. Our first winter here, we found bear tracks in the spring snow. Occasionally we’ll come across bear scat... Read more »

Are Snails Cute?

Are Snails Cute? Why is it that I find slugs so abhorrent and snails so darn cute? They’re kind of the same thing, aren’t they? While helping Hannah hunt for grasshoppers for her science class terrarium project, I found this trio of snails on a purple coneflower.... Read more »

Bog Brook Cove Hike

Bog Brook Cove Hike Day three of my homecation involved a mother-daughter hike to Bog Brook Cove in Cutler, Maine. The hike out to the coast took us through a variety of terrains – fir forest, oak forest, and birch forest before we finally made it to the coast. We parked ourselves... Read more »

Moving In

Moving In A curious sight caught my attention this evening. Our resident squirrel is building her nest and she’s accessorized with this scrap of fabric from a long forgotten scarecrow. Just a few weeks ago we saw her trying to pull this scrap from where it was entangled... Read more »

The Easter Squirrel

The Easter Squirrel This cute little guy caught our attention on Easter Sunday. We found him just outside the living room window tugging on a piece of fabric that was stuck in a bush – a remnant of a long forgotten scarecrow. He tried and tried, but couldn’t work it free.... Read more »

The Ultimate Granny Gadget Gift

The Ultimate Granny Gadget Gift My cameras have always been point and shoot. Recently, I told Mom that my next camera would be a digital SLR. Shortly after that conversation I received an email from Amazon – a Canon Rebel EOS T3i had been shipped to me, courtesy of Granny (and Papa) Gadget.... Read more »

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