Monarch Caterpillar Becomes a Chrysalis

Monarch Caterpillar Becomes a Chrysalis Yesterday was a lucky day for me. I was working at home day on website projects when I noticed one of the caterpillars Hannah and I have been raising hanging from the bottom of a leaf. I set my iPhone timer at 30-minute intervals to remind me to check on it throughout... Read more »

A New Normal

A New Normal It’s hard to believe that Gidget has been with us for four months now. This little ball of fluff with the perpetually bad hair day is closing in on seven pounds. Despite her mini size, the vet says she’s on the pudgy side, so we’ve had to scale back... Read more »

Winter’s First Big Snow

Winter’s First Big Snow I knew that winter weather would catch up with us sooner or later. Today we got our first measurable snowfall of the season here along the coast. No one in my household seems too excited about this change – it was 50 degrees out just two days ago. I’m just... Read more »

Too Short a Weekend

Too Short a Weekend It was a spectacular weekend here in Downeast Maine. I had plans to attend the Common Ground Fair, one of my absolute favorite things to do. Yet, when it came time to leave on the five hour round-trip to Unity, I realized that I wanted nothing more to be home. This is... Read more »

Gidget at 8 Weeks

Gidget at 8 Weeks Although still a young puppy who sleeps a lot, Gidget has moments where her personality has begun to shine. Here’s a peak at her playful side with belly rubs. And a short video clip featuring Gidget. Enjoy,... Read more »

Hatching Chicks

Hatching Chicks Almost a month ago I selected a dozen fresh chicken eggs to place in the incubator Paul gave me at Christmas. A few days ago three baby chicks hatched. One didn’t survive, leaving Gilfy and Miri – cute little Buff Orpington/Barred Rock chicks. Although I... Read more »

Silly Dilly – The Movie

Silly Dilly – The Movie Okay, it’s a really short movie. Take a look at Dilly tending to her nest of chicken eggs. I know it’s silly, but I’m fascinated by my first broody duck! Other Dilly Posts 27 March 2012: Rules to Being a Broody Duck 23 March 2012: Dilly the Broody... Read more »

The Great Escape

The Great Escape The ducks escaped from their pen this morning. Three times. Before 7 a.m. In frustration, Hannah and I scoured the perimeter searching for the weak spot and couldn’t find one. Hannah said they must be flying over the fence which is all of 3′ tall. I had a... Read more »

Farewell Turkey Dudes

Farewell Turkey Dudes Today was turkey harvest day. We have been putting this off for a variety of reasons. Too rainy. Too cold – not exactly odd for November in Maine. Too busy. With Thanksgiving just four days away, we simply could not wait any longer. The fact is we liked the... Read more »

Cocka-doodle-doo Duels

Cocka-doodle-doo Duels Our roosters have been going through puberty. Dr. Pepper’s crow has been improving since we first introduced it. Suddenly, the other day, The Colonel is finally heard from – although it’s more a croak than crow. Dr. Pepper crows in the morning to... Read more »

Tropical Storm Irene Brings Ducky Weather

Tropical Storm Irene Brings Ducky Weather With Hurricane Irene we planned for the worst and ended up with the best. We were on the far eastern edge of the storm and had a short spell of steady rain followed by a very windy night. The power went on and off repeatedly (maybe 25 times?) for hours – the... Read more »

Oscar Got His Quack

Oscar Got His Quack Oscar got his quack! Quackers is close and the other two have a little catching up to do. Exciting stuff. I harvested the rest of my garlic today so I was able to expand their temporary play area in my garden. This gave us room to set up a bigger swimming pool for... Read more »

Ducklings in the Garden

Ducklings in the Garden Meet our ducklings! Today I harvested half of my garlic crop. In the empty space I erected a temporary enclosure for the ducks and covered it with deer netting so they would be safe from hawks. Now that they are out of the brooder we noticed that Dilly’s legs... Read more »

Baby Ducklings!

Baby Ducklings! Look who moved in today! Four baby Pekin ducklings have taken up temporary residence in our garage. These little babies are all Paul’s doing. He tells me that duck eggs are beyond wonderful. Growing up he had two Pekin ducks – Oscar and Susan. We’re... Read more »

The Cornish Rocks Get Evicted

The Cornish Rocks Get Evicted Today was the big day for the Cornish Rock meat birds. They were evicted from the brooder in my mudroom. With only three to four more weeks before they see the freezer, they deserve a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.... Read more »

Our Resident Squirrel Family

Our Resident Squirrel Family Do you see the eye peering out of the bird house below? Nope, not a bird. It’s our resident squirrel and family. Paul and I sat on the porch today during a chicken coop building break and watched three squirrels scurry in and out of this little bird house Hannah... Read more »

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