When Turkeys Fly!

When Turkeys Fly! It’s been a few years since we raised turkeys and I’ve missed having them around. They’re such funny creatures and have quite entertaining personalities. We often see wild turkeys around. A few years ago we spotted a mama and her seven babies... Read more »

Turkey Day False Start

Turkey Day False Start My mind didn’t fully focus on Thanksgiving this year until the last minute. This last week, full of meetings and a trip to Portland left me a bit discombobulated. Almost two months ago, Mom (aka Granny Gadget) sent us a CharBroil Big Easy Smoker. It sat in the... Read more »

Turkey Escape

Turkey Escape This morning, Paul found an unexpected sight in the garage. The turkey dudettes broke free of their brooder last night. These three were strolling about the garage. Another couple took up residence on top of the brooder. They’d managed to slide off the screen... Read more »

Feathered Babies Update

Feathered Babies Update I spent the most glorious hour this evening sitting at the edge of the duck pond, sun dipping lower in the sky, with a glass of wine and my book. It was like a mini vacation relaxing away from work and the phone, watching the baby ducks negotiate their place among the... Read more »

Introducing Thanksgiving Dinner

Introducing Thanksgiving Dinner Meet the next generation of Turkey Dudes! We brought home six (yes 6) week-old white turkey chicks today. They’re cute little things – friendly with very gentle, trusting eyes. They’d better get ugly before the holidays arrive. Past Turkey Dude Posts... Read more »

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