Pushing Tomatoes

Pushing Tomatoes This year, the garden tomatoes are so prolific that it looks a bit like Christmas in the greenhouse. Those little red gems are like ornaments on a tree. One evening walk through of the greenhouse yielded this bucket tomatoes, plus a few cucumbers. Needless to say,... Read more »

Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cukes

Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cukes Today is the beginning of an experiment in the new greenhouse. Inspired by a photo on Pinterest, I started cucumber seeds in hanging pots. These are suspended from a shower rod fastened over one of the beds. In order to give the cucumber vines support, Paul fashioned... Read more »

November Tomatoes

November Tomatoes I have a good problem – I am completely overrun with ripe tomatoes. In November! At a loss for what to do with them, I’ve been pushing tomatoes. Just about every dinner I make lately has lots of fresh tomatoes in it.  Making and canning tomato sauce is a... Read more »

October Tomatoes

October Tomatoes While visiting my folks in Pennsylvania last week, Mom and I stopped at a farm stand. Amongst the gourds and pumpkins, they still had fresh, ripe tomatoes for sale. Their growing season is about a month behind ours and I was feeling a bit envious. Until I got home and... Read more »

Holy Tomatoes!

Holy Tomatoes! “Holy tomatoes!” exclaimed Hannah when she spied the result of my morning’s work. With ground prep beginning today on the greenhouse, we needed to move the garden fence to give Paul space to run the tractor. You can see the need for the fence. The... Read more »

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