Snowy Morning Visitors

Snowy Morning Visitors Storm three of the week was still going strong this morning. I spent a couple of hours on the sofa with my coffee contemplating the real world. Today was Hannah’s third snow day of the week. I had to decide if it was going to by my third snow day as well. All I... Read more »

Not To Be Outwitted By A Squirrel

Not To Be Outwitted By A Squirrel We’ve had a bit of a squirrel issue this last week. One of these cute little red squirrels took up residence in the garage. This is not a good thing! He (or she) was making a nest of fiberglass insulation in the overhead. Paul discovered this when a squirrel... Read more »

Another Feeder Under Siege

Another Feeder Under Siege It started with this little guy curiously exploring the snow covered porch. Click on the images for a larger view. An then there were two and the commotion ensued. I’m not sure if this frenetic scurrying and chittering was mating ritual or a display of... Read more »

Bird Feeder vs. Squirrel

Bird Feeder vs. Squirrel My mom, AKA Granny Gadget, sent me a lovely new bird feeder this week. I filled it and set it out yesterday. This morning, as I was lingering over my morning coffee, I watched this little guy scurry across the porch. I knew right away his destination. It only took a... Read more »

Sunday Morning Visitor

Sunday Morning Visitor It’s not often that I see gray squirrels. Typically it’s the little red ones who work at my bird feeders. This morning, the rain didn’t stop this guy from making an attempt at a free meal. Although he wasn’t entirely immune to the rain. He... Read more »

The Entertaining Red Squirrel

The Entertaining Red Squirrel We enjoy the little red squirrels that live in our woods. Their antics as they try to raid the bird feeders are so very entertaining and provide lots of great photo ops. Your bird feeders are safe from this squirrel who comes with his own acorn. To save this squirrel... Read more »

The Battle for Blueberries

The Battle for Blueberries I’m not a country girl by upbringing, so it’s no surprise that I’m excited over a patch of wild blueberries that are thriving around the pond. Last year about this time when I checked the progress of the berries, there was nary a one – the... Read more »

A Little Porch Company

A Little Porch Company It seems that I have a bit of extra company when I sit on the porch these days. As I was enjoying the view of the ducks on the pond from my Adirondack chair, it became clear that I was not alone. This little bunny has taken up residence under the lilac bushes. The... Read more »

A Bit of Jekyll and Hyde

A Bit of Jekyll and Hyde This Mother’s Day I spent quite a bit of time outdoors enjoying the spring weather. I had fun watching this little red squirrel zip back and forth across the porch from one bird feeder to the next. He became increasingly comfortable with my presence and... Read more »


Determination This morning, I stood at the kitchen window sipping my first cup of coffee, studying the aftermath of last night’s storm. Although still blustery and snowing, the storm looked as if it was on its last legs. Then, I noticed a little stirring in the pristine snow.... Read more »

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