The Season’s First Snow

The Season’s First Snow It’s official. We’re in winter mode. This was the sight greeting us this morning. We spent yesterday procrastinating, only moving into winter prep when the first flakes began to fall. Yard clear of stuff; check. Snow shovels distributed to all doors;... Read more »

Spring Arrives in Maine

Spring Arrives in Maine Given the unseasonable beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with as of late, the first full day of spring was a rude beginning. A month since we had any measurable snowfall and today’s Snow Day No. 4 feels like a step backward in the march towards spring.... Read more »

Winter’s First Big Snow

Winter’s First Big Snow I knew that winter weather would catch up with us sooner or later. Today we got our first measurable snowfall of the season here along the coast. No one in my household seems too excited about this change – it was 50 degrees out just two days ago. I’m just... Read more »

The Calm Before Winter

The Calm Before Winter This day after Christmas, the temps soared close to 50 degrees outside – so beautiful that I felt guilty sitting inside reading. With the weather man predicting snow twice this coming week, it seemed imperative that I get outside and tackle some chores. While I... Read more »

A Winter’s Solstice Sunrise

A Winter’s Solstice Sunrise Sunrise on the day of the winter’s solstice. This last day of autumn began with a frosty 21 degree F morning and ended with a balmy 45 degrees. Winter is entering like a warm breeze. The Christmas Eve forecast is calling for a high of 55 degrees and a low of 45.... Read more »

Frosty Morning Warnings

Frosty Morning Warnings A frosty start to the day it was. Beautiful in a crisp, stark way, frost glistened like jewels on the grasses as the sun rose over the hills. Waiting for the car defroster to tackle windshield frost while I sipped my coffee, I pondered our to-do lists and what this... Read more »


Springtacular Springtacular is an ever so brief period in Maine. It’s the blissful moments after the snow melt and mud season are over but before the arrival of the black flies. It’s short, and if you blink you might just miss it. We’re in the middle of... Read more »

What 1-3 Inches Looks Like

What 1-3 Inches Looks Like This is what 1-3 inches of snow looks like in Downeast Maine. It must be tough to be the weather man. What I expected to be a “dusting” or even rain turned out to be a 12 inches. It was a winter wonderland fitting for a Christmas card. A week of mild... Read more »

Snow Day

Snow Day The first snow day of the year is upon us. What better way to spend a Friday than snuggled warm inside watching the world turn white outdoors. It’s rare to see snow on the ground when the pond is not frozen. I wish the duckies could enjoy the pond all winter... Read more »

Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn As October comes to a close, here are a few of my favorite autumn photos from the month. Full color on the Mill River Wounded wing In transition Glorious maple Autumn on the East Machias River Serendipitous sun flowers Lingering butterfly Brilliant autumn barren The... Read more »

Early Frost

Early Frost Summer. Frost. Two words that should not go together. Yet, I look back at last year and I wrote about a summer frost on the 18th. After tossing sheets over all my remaining veggies last night and finding them frozen this morning, I have new motivation to break ground... Read more »

A Robin on a Spring Day

A Robin on a Spring Day A Robin on a Spring Day. Doesn’t look much like spring, does it? It’s April 16 and mother nature is delivering a sleety, snowy, nasty weather mix that has me dragging my feet heading out the door. And, today of all days, there is a ubiquitous sign of... Read more »

Happy April

Happy April You thought it was spring, didn’t you? April Fools! Mother Nature delivered 8-10 inches of snow/sleet last night. It’s crazy! Happy... Read more »

Rushing Spring

Rushing Spring Yesterday, the temps were warm and the sap was running. I caught a little spring fever, threw open a window for some fresh air and proceeded to tackle washing the windows inside and out. I ventured out in gym shorts and Muck boots to check the sap containers. It was... Read more »

Winter Ducks

Winter Ducks Not? long ago, Janet emailed and asked how the ducks were fairing this winter – that I hadn’t mentioned them lately. Well, Janet, winter is definitely not their favorite season, but our eight duckies are doing well. We got the ducks for eggs (although... Read more »

A Good News, Bad News Sort of Day

A Good News, Bad News Sort of Day The bad news? We had another storm last night with bitter temps and high winds. The good news? We didn’t lose power! The bad news? When I sipped my first cup of coffee this morning the temp was -11 degrees. The good news? Despite some issues with the wood boiler, we... Read more »

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