Skating is Not Like Riding a Bike

Skating is Not Like Riding a Bike The last time I went ice skating I was a freshman in high school in Fairfax, Virginia. On Friday nights our parents would carpool the group of us girls to the rink where we’d make the circuit, gossiping and scoping out the boys. I did pretty good on the skates... Read more »

Skating on the Duck Pond

Skating on the Duck Pond Hannah has been chomping at the bit to skate on the duck pond. After a week of highs in the single digits, Paul pronounced the pond officially frozen. So this morning she laced up her hand-me-down ice skates and inched her way out onto the ice. She’s not an... Read more »

Our Pond Runeth Over

Our Pond Runeth Over Almost. After a dry spell that left even the moss in the woods dried out and crunchy, we have rain. All day rain. Torrential rain. Four inches of rain! The pond rose about 12-inches in less than 9 hours. The new pond is a full as it’s ever been. Here’s the... Read more »

Launching of the Duckies

Launching of the Duckies The ducks make their maiden voyage in “The Big  Pond” today! When we took the fencing down that separated the duck yard from the pond, it took them a few minutes to realize they could cross that magic line. Once they figured out they were free they made a... Read more »

Rockin the Pond

Rockin the Pond I was out of town on business the past two days. When I talked with Paul on the phone last night and asked about how he spent his day he said, “Sweetie, I rocked your world.” I’ve heard that line before. Only this time he rocked my pond. Landscaping... Read more »

Pond Progress

Pond Progress We’ve been planning a duck pond for a while now. Earlier in the spring we cleared a spot. After starting excavation on May 20 the rain forced a hiatus. Last weekend, after things dried up a bit, Paul began excavation in earnest. He’s put in about 36... Read more »

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