From My Window

From My Window I work from home a couple of days a week. The bulk of that time I’m glued to my computer, the time passing without notice. Yet, there are those moments when I wander to the kitchen for coffee or chase down a too quiet puppy, and I find myself distracted by the... Read more »

Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn As October comes to a close, here are a few of my favorite autumn photos from the month. Full color on the Mill River Wounded wing In transition Glorious maple Autumn on the East Machias River Serendipitous sun flowers Lingering butterfly Brilliant autumn barren The... Read more »

Gone to Seed

Gone to Seed This year I’ve done a terrible job with my flower beds. Few flowers got deadheaded and the weeds and grass are running rampant. The only places that got a little attention this year were the veggie gardens. Now, as the days grow shorter and the flowers spent,... Read more »

Enter Autumn

Enter Autumn On this first day of autumn, the trees are just beginning to blush, but the blueberry barrens are racing towards full-color. As much as I fought the finality of summer, there’s something captivating about the season of... Read more »

Return of The Canada Goose

Return of The Canada Goose This pretty Canada goose lounging along the banks of the Narraguagus was a reaffirmation that spring is here. Despite the blizzard Mother Nature threw our way this week and the ice and sleet predicted for tomorrow, winter is loosing her hold on... Read more »


Icicles This winter has been defined by ice. The cycle of snow, sun and frigid temps has left us with icicles everywhere. There’s more to icicles than meets the eye. They hold reflections of the world around... Read more »

Icy Wonderland

Icy Wonderland We woke this morning to no power. No happy smell of coffee. No happy smoke coming from the wood boiler out the window. Our entire world was covered in a layer of ice. Curiously, exactly one year ago we also woke to no power – the result of a windstorm that time.... Read more »

Autumn Along the Narraguagus

Autumn Along the Narraguagus Feeling the need to get off our behinds and fit in some physical activity, Hannah and I went for a walk along the Narraguagus River this afternoon. A short trail through the woods led to the river. The trees and clouds reflected beautifully in the water. I was... Read more »

Sky On Fire

Sky On Fire The sunset tonight made the sky look as if it were on fire. From the house, the trees blocked the view so I hopped in the car and ran out to the woodlot on the back 40 to snap this picture.... Read more »

Summer Frost

Summer Frost Summer Frost. Those two words seem incongruous, but while there’s still a few days of summer left, twice I’ve had to scrape the frost from my car window in the morning. My Moonflower on Sunday… My Moonflower on Tuesday morning when the thermometer read 36?... Read more »

Tiny Island

Tiny Island Cruising along U.S. Route 1 to Ellsworth this weekend I finally stopped to snap a picture of this tiny island. Every drive by, I admire this little island in Sullivan Harbor with a backdrop of Cadillac Mountain in the distance. During low tide it appears as if it’s... Read more »

View of Mount Desert Island

View of Mount Desert Island The 40-minute drive to Ellsworth (the closest town with a stoplight) takes us along U.S. Route 1. There is a stretch in Sullivan where you can see Mount Desert Island across Frenchman’s Bay. It’s the money shot that never fails to capture my attention as I... Read more »

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