From the Top of Waggoner’s Gap

From the Top of Waggoner’s Gap Hannah and I are in Pennsylvania for a quick college exploration visit and Hannah’s first college interview. This afternoon, I took Hannah to Waggoner’s Gap where dad took me a few of years ago. The sun was in the wrong spot for good photos, but for a... Read more »

A New Backyard of Birds

A New Backyard of Birds This week at my folks house in Pennsylvania has given me a new audience of birds to photograph. Each morning, this Carolina Wren (a first for me) perched on a branch outside my window three stories up and serenaded me awake. I don’t ever recall hearing a louder... Read more »

Nesting Robin

Nesting Robin I don’t see many Robins at my house. That’s probably because I don’t really have a lawn. I’m hopeful that someday I will have a tiny patch that might require mowing instead of scrub and clover. While here in Pennsylvania I’ve enjoyed the... Read more »

Waggoner’s Gap Hawk Watch Outing with Dad

Waggoner’s Gap Hawk Watch Outing with Dad This week in Pennsylvania visiting my folks has been blissfully slow-paced. On the first sunny day, Dad and I went for a drive in search of a mountain overlook where he thought I’d enjoy taking pictures. After two hours of driving, we admitted defeat and... Read more »

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