The Giving Season

The Giving Season It’s that time of year when the Women’s Health Resource Library in town hosts their Christmas Tree Festival. We pluck baby balsam fir trees from the woods, pot them up, and invite folks in the community to adopt one and decorate it. The decorated trees and... Read more »

Owling at Birdsacre

Owling at Birdsacre Today’s mission was to find dress shoes for Hannah to wear to her 8th grade graduation dance. We power shopped our way through the task of purchasing her first pair of heels. Mission accomplished! We rewarded ourselves with a visit to Birdsacre – Stanwood... Read more »

Enchanted by Owls

Enchanted by Owls My love affair with owls started when I was a little girl. My grandmother, Ruth Bender Nerviani – affectionately known to me as Mother, had a few owls in her home – some have since made their way to me. As a child, I wondered why she had so many owls... Read more »

Downeast Thunder Farm Owl Ornaments

Downeast Thunder Farm Owl Ornaments Hannah was in a creative mood so we decided to work on making some felt ornaments for Christmas. We pulled a few patterns from the Internet and this was Hannah’s first creation. Inspired by her work, I started making patterns for the Downeast Thunder Farm owls... Read more »

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