Osprey Family

Osprey Family Over the past two days I’ve been stalking the Ospreys nesting atop a platform in Whiting. There appear to be three youth with Mama and papa watching over them from nearly trees. I could have spent the entire day watching them watching me, all the time wishing... Read more »

Osprey Sighting

Osprey Sighting I’ve passed this nest many times over the last few months and finally spied an Osprey perched there today. Given the gray overcast day, the photo isn’t as spectacular as that of last year’s nesting pair, but the sighting made my day nonetheless.... Read more »

Standing Watch

Standing Watch Yesterday’s drive-by of the osprey nest in Whiting showed the proud parents standing watch over at least one baby. The sun was too high in the sky and my lens too short to get a great shot, but it’s exciting to see the nesting pair I first spied back in... Read more »

Nesting Osprey

Nesting Osprey It’s days like this when I’m so grateful that I dragged my camera along with me during my travels. Inevitably, when I don’t have my camera, I come across the most wonderful sights. On my drive to Cutler, Maine this morning I noticed a platform... Read more »

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