Thanksgiving Misstep

Thanksgiving Misstep This Thanksgiving I decided not to make a pie for dessert. Paul is working hard to lose weight and Hannah doesn’t like pumpkin pie. So why bother? Yesterday morning, as things in the kitchen were gearing up, Hannah asked, “Aren’t we making a... Read more »

Our First Christmas Without Santa

Our First Christmas Without Santa Santa didn’t come to our house this year. I knew the cat was out of the bag when Hannah asked me with a knowing smile, “Why do you have Santa’s wrapping paper stashed in the storage room?” You see, Santa wraps presents in this special Santa... Read more »

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! This Christmas artwork was created by my great, great aunt, Elizabeth Stroble. Elizabeth taught art at a high school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each year she created an amazing linoleum block print poster and sent a copy to her nieces and nephews as her Christmas... Read more »

A Downeast Thunder Christmas Tree

A Downeast Thunder Christmas Tree In recent years it’s become our family tradition to cut a Christmas tree from our own property. This usually involves at least an hour of tromping through the woods, studying every fir tree under 20 feet from all angles. It is too skinny? Is it full enough? Is... Read more »

My First Wreath

My First Wreath I attempted to make my first balsam fir Christmas wreath. I’n my usual fashion, I researched the heck out of the project. I read tutorials on the Internet and watched “how to” videos on YouTube. I spent an afternoon tromping through the woods (hoping... Read more »

The Biker Christmas Wreath

The Biker Christmas Wreath My husband owns a business called Downeast Thunder Power Sports. Although Paul has a colorful background (motorcycle mechanic, builder of motorcycle racing engines, U.S. Marine, marine engineer, port engineer, etc.) his passion is motorcycles and engines. He readily... Read more »

Smile, It’s Mother’s Day

Smile, It’s Mother’s Day Today was Mother’s Day. Hannah’s gift to me was to cook breakfast and dinner – by herself. For breakfast she made wild blueberry pancakes for me. We’ve done this together many times. Her first solo run as a pancake chef was smooth sailing. What... Read more »

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