Our Annual Pigeon Hill Hike +1

Our Annual Pigeon Hill Hike  +1 Hannah and I made our annual hike up Pigeon Hill today. This is usually a mother-daughter trip, although last year we convinced Paul to come along. This year little Gidget joined us for the trek. The weather was brisk – 40s with a steady wind, but the workout... Read more »

New Year’s Day at Corea Heath

New Year’s Day at Corea Heath On this first day of 2015, we recognized the holiday with an outing to Corea Heath. In deference to Hannah, our walking wounded, we walked a short trail bordered by the National Wildlife Refuge and Grand Marsh. Given the unpredictable weather we experienced this last... Read more »

Walking Corea Heath

Walking Corea Heath I’m feeling a bit panicky that summer has passed me by before I had a chance to enjoy it. After a morning of chores that included the exciting jobs of duck coop clean out and wood cutting, we abandoned thoughts of the impending winter and escaped to walk the... Read more »

Klondike Mountain Hike

Klondike Mountain Hike Klondike Mountain. The name leads you to think of something monumental and intimidating. We discovered that Maine’s Klondike Mountain is neither of those things. Today, as part of my “homecation” getaway, the three of us visited this new hiking trail... Read more »

Columbus Day at Ingersoll Point

Columbus Day at Ingersoll Point After sticking close to home working and puttering this weekend, Hannah and I got out and about today. We picked up lunch on the go and went to hike the trails at Ingersoll Point in South Addison. Our 2.5 mile round-trip hike was predominately through the woods. And... Read more »

Great Wass

Great Wass My body still achy from gathering wood yesterday, I suggested a hike on Great Wass Island as a way of getting out of more wood gathering today. Great Wass Island Preserve is part of the Nature Conservancy’s lands. We gave our selves a time limit –... Read more »

Indian Point Preserve

Indian Point Preserve Today was an Ellsworth run day – a town with stoplights 40 minutes away. The errand list included L.L. Bean, Reny’s, Tractor Supply, WalMart, two shoe stores, etc. – to shop for shoes, jeans, special chicken feed, and all types of other things we... Read more »

Sunday Pigeon Hill Hike

Sunday Pigeon Hill Hike Late this afternoon, the gray drizzly clouds that lingered all day moved on. I talked Hannah and Paul into an impromptu hike up Pigeon Hill. This is the first time Paul tagged along with us on this hike. The view from the top is outstanding. I could sit on this rock... Read more »

Hike to Schoodic Head

Hike to Schoodic Head Paul has been on a fitness kick lately. He’s eating better and is making exercise a regular part of his routine. And it shows – he weighs less now than when I first met him in 1995. A couple of weeks ago he tagged along on a back-to-school shopping trip with me... Read more »

The Pike Lands

The Pike Lands On this crystal clear Sunday, we went for a family hike. Usually it’s just Hannah and I, but Paul opted to tag along when I promised it wouldn’t be a forced march. We explored the Pike Lands in North Lubec.?Two main trails run from South Bay to Cobscook... Read more »

Hollingsworth Trail Hike

Hollingsworth Trail Hike It’s been a while since Hannah and I have gone for a hike. Either I’ve been over-subscribed with work (actually a good thing!) or the weather has been crappy. Today, we took advantage of the glorious weather and hiked the Hollingsworth Trail at Petit Manan... Read more »

Morning Pigeon Hill Hike

Morning Pigeon Hill Hike Hannah and I were up and out early this morning for our first of the season hike up Pigeon Hill. We’d planned this for tomorrow, but the weather forecast turned on us so we hustled out this morning before the rain set in. We took the Silver Mine to the Summit... Read more »

Snowshoeing the Back 40

Snowshoeing the Back 40 With the second storm in as many days bearing down us, Hannah and I broke out the snowshoes for a morning excursion on the Back 40. Our hike starts here in the woods at the edge of the house, Hannah wearing her saucer sled like a shield. We came across a shelter in... Read more »

From The Top of Pigeon Hill

From The Top of Pigeon Hill Last night’s hard frost gave way to a beautiful, crisp autumn day. Hannah and I enjoyed the day with our annual hike up Pigeon Hill. This is Petit Manan Light from half-way up Pigeon Hill. We took a boat cruise out to Petit Manan in August. The views from the... Read more »

Cadillac Mountain Drive

Cadillac Mountain Drive Day six of my homecation took us to Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park. Paul agreed to come with Hannah and I because I promised no forced marches – just a nice drive. What he didn’t anticipate was me having him pull over at every single overlook to... Read more »

Bog Brook Cove Hike

Bog Brook Cove Hike Day three of my homecation involved a mother-daughter hike to Bog Brook Cove in Cutler, Maine. The hike out to the coast took us through a variety of terrains – fir forest, oak forest, and birch forest before we finally made it to the coast. We parked ourselves... Read more »

Frenchman’s Bay Hike

Frenchman’s Bay Hike Today started my homecation. A vacation where home is your base for fun and no work. I have carefully guarded my schedule for the coming week so that Hannah and I can fit in all of the things we wanted to do over the summer, but didn’t. Because my schedule has... Read more »

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day Hannah talked us into taking the day off from home and farm projects. She wanted to spend the day at the beach. I know that Paul is not content lounging on the beach listening to the surf roll in so we negotiated a hike, picnic and short beach excursion. The skies... Read more »

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