A Winter’s Sunday Drive

A Winter’s Sunday Drive A winter’s day Sunday drive. On this marsh, yesterday’s high waters flash froze before receding. The crackle and tinkling sound of breaking ice was like a background music score. A new day, a new beach to explore. Colder than yesterday with a high of 19... Read more »

Too Short a Visit

Too Short a Visit At last! I finally got Hannah home from college for a glorious week. I made the three day round trip drive (13 hours of driving per day) to Ohio to pick her up and bring her home. We packed a lot into six days at home – shopping, movie theater, a hike, a beach... Read more »

A Cat In Need of Love

A Cat In Need of Love When Hannah left for college in August, the toughest part of leaving home for her was leaving Snape, aka Boo, behind. While we have two cats and a dog, Hannah is Boo’s human. Since Hannah’s departure, Snape has moved into our room taking up permanent... Read more »

Caterpillar Rescue

Caterpillar Rescue I’ve been working on introducing Monarch butterflies to my garden since the spring when I planted Milkweed – the Monarch caterpillar’s food of choice. After visiting the Charlotte Rhoades Butterfly Garden, I’ve become a bit of a sleuth –... Read more »

Exploring Gardens

Exploring Gardens On this Fourth of July, Hannah and I explored some of the beautiful gardens of Mount Desert Island. Our initial destination was the Charlotte Rhoades Butterfly Garden in Southwest Harbor. This small, but spectacular garden was designed by Bruce John Riddell who is... Read more »

Creating Memories

Creating Memories I’m not a foodie and you’ll find more “oops” stories here at Downeast Thunder Farm than you will recipes. In planning for Hannah’s graduation celebration, I found these little graduation cap cupcakes on Pinterest. They looked pretty... Read more »

Full-circle with Beauty and the Beast

Full-circle with Beauty and the Beast The movie Beauty and the Beast has a special place in my heart and in our family. Hannah has never been an over the top girly-girl. As a kid, she enjoyed Legos more than dolls. She was never into princesses but rather thought she’d be a firefighter. Yet there... Read more »

Exploring McClellan with Gidget

Exploring McClellan with Gidget A crisp November afternoon found Hannah, Gidget, and me at McClellan Park. We’d planned to walk the short trails but instead spent the afternoon scrambling across the rocks; a picture perfect afternoon! Gidget was a trooper, but Hannah ended up carrying her much... Read more »

In Denial

In Denial I’ve been pretending that this school year is like any other. Going through the motions, trying to ignore the milestones that bring Hannah closer to going off to college. Take senior portraits for example. Since summer, I’ve watched portrait after portrait... Read more »

A First Last

A First Last Hannah’s senior year started in September. At the beginning of the year, she spoke often about first “lasts”, marking somewhat inconsequential milestones in this final year of high school. Her “last” first day of school. Her... Read more »

A Girl and Her Dog

A Girl and Her Dog A hike with Hannah was the best possible way to end a week that didn’t seem as if was ever going to end. Despite the fact that I wanted nothing more than to nap the day away, Hannah and I took Gidget with us on a hike of the Hollingsworth Trail. We’ve... Read more »


Seventeen Seventeen years ago, I welcomed this child into the world. Who knew then that this journey with Hannah would be the very best part of my life? She’s experienced so many milestones this last year that illustrate she’s not my little girl anymore, but an... Read more »

On Top of the World

On Top of the World In Maine, sweatshirt weather in February calls for a celebration. This morning found both Hannah and I dragging. It was 2:30 a.m. before I made it to bed following the high school state championship basketball game last night. (They won!) It was so beautiful outside... Read more »

Catching Gold Fever

Catching Gold Fever Gold fever has taken over at our house, in school, and in our community. Hannah’s high school girls basketball team is going to the state championships (class “c”) in Augusta tomorrow evening. Each night this week has been filled with Hannah’s... Read more »

Our Annual Pigeon Hill Hike +1

Our Annual Pigeon Hill Hike  +1 Hannah and I made our annual hike up Pigeon Hill today. This is usually a mother-daughter trip, although last year we convinced Paul to come along. This year little Gidget joined us for the trek. The weather was brisk – 40s with a steady wind, but the workout... Read more »

Too Short a Weekend

Too Short a Weekend It was a spectacular weekend here in Downeast Maine. I had plans to attend the Common Ground Fair, one of my absolute favorite things to do. Yet, when it came time to leave on the five hour round-trip to Unity, I realized that I wanted nothing more to be home. This is... Read more »


Sixteen My memories of that little girl with blond curls and sky blue eyes who loved Blue’s Clues and Beauty and the Beast are so vivid in my mind that it’s hard to believe that she’s 16 today. In honor of this momentous occasion, here are 16 adjectives that... Read more »

Softball, Forty and Frigid

Softball, Forty and Frigid Excited for Hannah’s first softball game of the season, we arrived at the field with jackets and lawn chairs. Yet, we spent 99% of the game in the car wrapped up in blankets watching the game through the windshield. Frigid temps and bitter winds dulled the... Read more »

Confused Sports Mom

Confused Sports Mom Am I a bad mom because I don’t enjoy any sport that involves sitting on bleachers? Or that I won’t make it to every one of Hannah’s games? Hannah is not a born athlete. I didn’t play sports and while Paul played a little football, he... Read more »

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